Advanced C++ class files

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download C++ source from old Prata Book

The chapters in the old book are one chapter less after chapter 9. This download is provided since many of the examples remain the same.

The New Prata book has a download of some solutions from their web site.

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testing cookbook

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Martin Fowler articles

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CPlusPlus Primer Source

download CPlusPlus Primer source


Makefile readme index

DskMBTree.C Gbiostream.C POBException.C bucket.C example.C example1.C example2.C example3.C example4.C objAvl.C DskMBTree.h GFactory.h Gbiostream.h Gbistream.h Gbostream.h POBException.h POBObj.h POBbase.h POBroker.h bucket.h example.h macro.h objAvl.h persist.tgz


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autogdi.cpp classpool.cpp leak.cpp linked.cpp noleak.cpp stack.cpp testmem.cpp teststack.cpp thread.cpp xgmem.cpp autogdi.h autohndl.h classpool.h refcount.h thread.h xgmem.h memory.tgz


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arraytimer.cpp countdown.cpp shuffle.cpp shuffle_array.cpp shuffle_days.cpp single.cpp singleton.cpp stopwatch.cpp student.cpp students.cpp singleton.h stopwatch.h student.h single.tgz


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eg1.cpp ro_file.cpp ro_file.h stlonfile.tgz


Makefile readme index

command.cpp expressions.cpp get_line.cpp parseline.cpp read.cpp relation.cpp shell.cpp speclist.cpp test.cpp write.cpp expressions.h parseline.h relation.h speclist.h demo.doc mdb.doc mdb.tgz

C++ IV Homework Assignments

1- Generic Assignment 2- Exception Assignment 3- Inheritance Assignment

4- Memory Assignment 5a- Refactoring Source 5b- Multiple Inheritance Assignment

Queue Template Test Example

C++ IV files and projects

Testing Principles

Flash Card Project Hangman Project Bike Rental Project

Soccer League Project Battleship Project Rail Simulator Project