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Flowing Energy in Meditation

Flowing energy is a second foundation of meditation. In the study of meditation the idea of flowing energy can vary greatly from system to system. In the "Art of Acupuncture" by Robert Johns he explains how the channel Qi moves at a pace of 6 cun per breath (inhale and exhale). The point made is that an acupuncture session is effective as it completes the Qi channel circuit in 10 to 15 minutes or 277 breaths.

When one begins to flow energy in meditation there is a path and destination which begins the flow. Mentally one can imagine light (or energy flow) traveling on the inhale to the Tan Tian (ren 6). On the exhale it passes down the conception channel and meets with the governor channel at the perineum. The energy flow continues on the exhale up the spine, over the crown of the head, past the third eye (yin tang), and out the mouth.

Keep the tongue on the roof of the mouth just behind the upper teeth to establish a complete connection on both the inhale and exhale. Once the flow begins, it continues without interruption although it seems to ebb and flow with the inhale and exhale.

This simple circle of energy is often taught to beginners as a way to generate this flow. Many other ways of flowing energy exist. A simple alternate route is to inhale once again to the Tan Tian (Ren 6). On the exhale bring energy up the spine, over the crown, through the neck, into the shoulders, through the elbows and into the hands. If the hands are placed downward on the knees, the energy can proceed downward through the legs and out the bottom of the feet until a warm flow is felt.

Many practitioners use the Chakras to enhance the ability to visualize the flow of energy through the channels. They pause on the Chakras along the path and let the energy well up for a moment, helping the flow to increase as it passes along the path.

The first point in the Kidney Channel is known as bubbling well. Its energy bubbles upward and fills the body. It is often used as a reference point as the center of gravity for the foot. A similar point on the hand is Pericardium 8, Lao Gong. As energy flows into the hand notice how it gathers and emanates from the Lao Gong.

An immediate benefit of practicing this flow of energy is that energy can be brought to bear on your patient's needles using Lao Gong as a focal point. The danger is using one's own energy to flow into the patient. Be sure to inhale the freely available energy of the universe as a source of inexhaustible energy.

It is the practice of flowing energy in meditation that opens up that communication with the universe. After a session of meditation, one should feel re-energized for the day. Make the first 10 minutes of every day a starting point.