Perl files

Handout Appliation Files

Handout is a CGI::Application framework written to support printing of handouts on any topic. It creates an simple language to express topics, information, and tables. contains the framework source code written as a super class of CGI::Application. It uses both CGI and CGI::FormBuilder for building CGI screens. contains the object to manage information.

handout.cgi is the calling routine needed for the perl to be called.

handout.pod contains the help documentation in Perl POD format.

See the files here:

CGI::Application Perl script: handout.cgi

Perl help file: handout.pod

CGI::Application Perl Handout class file

Perl Info class file

The is a template for testing functions within the handout application. "test_select_topics.cgi" is a sample test. By testing each function this way, one can test the web server before throwing up the application.

The test info.t tests the Info class

The test handout.t tests the Handout class

See the test files here:

Perl Web test template

Perl test for select topics

Perl test of Handout class

Perl test of Info class

Download a tar.gz of the files here:

Handout.tar.gz download