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The Chinese Art of Qi Qong

All of these conditions may be improved with Qi Qong.

Qi Qong is an ancient art of moving Qi. Often it is practiced with simple exercises. One may be laying down, seated, standing, walking, or making various movements like a form. Today Qi Qong is widely practiced with many different schools of thought. Many martial arts consider their art a Qi Qong art (like tai chi chuan). It is often used to help promote longevity, recover from serious illnesses, and to help when nothing else seems to work. It is a proven therapeutic practice with many clinics in China dedicating their lifework toward Qi Qong healing and recording its effectiveness.

Qi Qong is a lifestyle change which helps one adapt.

A Qi Qong massage session is one in which the energy developed by a Qi Qong practioner is used to invigorate the meridians and to boost the body's chakras. Enjoy a session of Qi Qong massage. It deeply relaxes the body, mind, and spirit.

Learning a few simple Qi Qong movements can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. It can boost your immune system levels. It releases endorphins that literally make you feel better. It teaches you the value of soft exercise. The flexibility of the body often increases due to the whole body movement and the movement from your core which strengthens your tendons and ligaments.

These are drawn from various styles of Qi Qong

I practice Qi Qong daily and have developed a lifestyle that does a different Qi Qong each day. It feels invigorating like having a massage each day. It forms the basis for being able to move energy and understand the energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.