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Treating the Spirit

All of these conditions may be improved treating the spirit.

By treating the spirit, I mean simply that each person has a physical body which will become dust at death and a spirit that survives the physical body after death. In Chinese medicine the spirit that survives after death is the ethereal spirit.

The spirit and body reside together and their functions are often shared in the mind. There is an elaborate framework which describes the relationship between a corporal soul and the ethereal spirit. The spirit is rooted in the body. Without that root it may wander and cause us to be restless in our sleep. We may experience excessive dreams. Daydreaming during the day is often a corporeal soul problem. Excessive dreams at night is an ethereal spirit problem.

From this framework we begin to look at the signs and symptoms of disease and find such signposts of spiritual problems. As you can see the spirit and body effect each other with the mind. It is common to treat such disorders with herbs, point therapy, qi qong, tai chi chuan, meditation, and many other holistic treatments.

Meditation is one of the best ways to treat the spirit. Breathing deeply and filling the lungs infuses our spirit with a sense of soaring with fresh life. It can help drive out the cobwebs of our emotions and breathe new life into our internal will. In meditation we begin to flow energy and revitalize the channels of the body. Our body is better able to nourish our spirit. The quieting the mind gives us another dimension to life, this third dimension can not be sensed without the peace of a quiet mind. This dimension adds the geography of life that completes our sense of mission on earth. It helps confirm the path we have chosen as one of self-worth. Its renewed insight leads to a reconnection to our inner-most spirit.

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