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Tai Chi Fist
The soft art of Tai Chi provides a subtle way of striking that is often hidden from the opponent. The strike itself is a relaxed fist which allows it to ultimately transfer a linked series of motions through the body.


Review The Opening , The Beginning , Ward Off Left , Ward Off Right . Roll Back , Press , Push , Single Whip , Lifting Hands , Shoulder Strike and White Crane spreads its wings .

Deflect Downward, Intercept and Strike
From a Bow Stance , having just completed the brush knee we begin this movement with squared shoulders.

deflect downward
The right palm will begin to grasp and pull downward into a fist to the left waist as the body retreats. The left foot will empty and shift to point 45 degrees to the right. The completes the deflection downward.

Next, the body moves forward until the weight is 100 percent on the left foot. Step to the right and bring the back of the right fist across the body followed quickly by the right palm which completes an intercept any incoming force.

As the right back fist completes its circle, step forward with the left foot into a Bow Stance . The back fist at this point will be facing downward. Begin a fist strike as your body moves forward until about 70 percent of the weight is forward. The fist will turn naturally at the end until it is vertical.

The fist should be loose and relaxed. Most of the turn of the fist should occur in the last few inches. The left palm will be facing the right arm at the elbow.


Clean the Arm and Push
Continue to turn the waist left and open the fist. Draw the right arm through the left palm (cleaning it from any holds). Now the hands separate enough to protect the face and begin a push as the weight retreats 100 percent to the rear right foot.

Complete a push movement moving the weight forward to 70 percent on the left foot. The push presses downward and upward with the forward movement of the body and palms. Remember to use only the whole body to move the push forward. The rear leg should initiate and complete the push.