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Lifting Hands CLASS NOTES

The next several lessons will finish off the first third of the Yang style short form. This will complete the beginning course. The focus of these remaining lessons will be on the remaining forms and review.


Warm up with swinging, side to side circling and walking.

Warm up the joints with Snake Body .


Practise the walking with free form movement of the feet first. Now add the other movements as they are called out. We are beginning to get a sense for all the movements.


Review The Opening , The Beginning , Ward Off Left , Ward Off Right . Roll Back , Press , Push and Single Whip .

Open Bow Stance
At the end of single whip the position should be a Bow Stance with the waist and body facing 45 degrees outward to the corner. This is called the open bow stance.

Lifting Hands
From the open bow stance begin to transfer all the weight to the left foot while opening up the hook. The left and right palms will open as if holding on to a large ball. Peg the toe on the ground during this movement. The left palm will face the right elbow so the right arm is actually farther forward. This will build the balance as it seems to carry a large ball (grab the world).

Then bring both arms and the foot together but don't touch. One hundred percent of the weight should be on the left foot.

Lifting Hands Application
The application here is to grasp an arm with the left palm pressing the elbow and the right palm pressing the upper arm. This is a possible arm break or the arm may be redirected to or from the body.

Shoulder Strike
The next movement drops the arm downward forcing the opponent to move closer. The foot moves inward at the same time as we essentially drop everything. Now the right foot is placed about six inches to the right of the left heel and the body moves forward like placing a 2 by 4 against a wall. Line up in two planes. One line slants against the wall for a bracing effect. Any push against this should redirect that force into the ground. The second plane is the striking surfaces. The side of the head, the shoulder, the elbow, the waist, knee and right foot should all align in a straight position.

The right arm has its elbow facing towards the opponent, the left palm backs up the right elbow.

Snake Body Application
Discuss the application of lifting hands in the snake body movement -- blending and redirection.


Review the snake body warm ups of the shoulders, waist, knees, wrists, ankles and neck.