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Tai Chi Push
Show an example of what is to be added by demonstrating a push.

Expanding the balloon ball which is moving with the body up and down is much like a push. The push moves backward and forward while using Ward Off Left stance. The aspects of the push are:

o Absorb while blending with the force. <br> o Use the downward movement to break the root. <br> o Use the forward movement to redirect the root. <br> o Let go.

Show the Ward Off Right movement. This movement is similar to the Ward Off Left except that the ward off ends up with the palms facing each other (5 inches apart) on the right side.


Expanding the balloon.

Take a bow stance and expand with the push as well.


Do a side to side motion with ward off, press, roll back and push. Push is a little bit difference because the feet will pivot at the heel and face outward in the direction of the push. Then they are pivoted back to bring the push on the other side.


Walk without any arm motion. Then walk with ward off, press, roll back and push.

Push Applications
Demonstrate these two applications of push.
o Absorb underneath and push out forward. <br> o Absorb on top of the arms and press downward.

Show the layout mule kick movement at the end of the walking exercise.


Review The Opening , The Beginning and Ward Off Left .

Ward Off Right
At ward off left begin shifting the weight forward and carry the ball on the left side of the body while lifting the right heel. Picking up the right foot, place the right foot about an inch and a half forward of the right toe. The left palm comes forward with a ward off motion, the right palm comes forward behind the left palm about 5 inches. The palms end up facing each other in front of the right breast. The shoulders are squared and lastly the left foot turns in 45 degrees. The weight shift is 70 percent forward.

Bow Stance
The stance formed by both Ward Off movements is called a bow stance. This is formed with the back foot at 45 degrees and the forward foot facing forward and a shoulder width apart from the other foot's heel. The forward foot should be a comfortable distance ahead of the rear foot with the knee slightly bent.

This distance between the heels of the feet adds stability. If there is little distance between the heels then the body forms along a line that makes it easy to topple.