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The tester man Page

NAME tester SYNOPSIS tester [options] [file ...] See tester.html for a complete synopsis. See pod files for documentation. AVAILABILITY This script is written for Unix environments. DESCRIPTION Test framework to do the tedious work of testing. OPTIONS -help Return help info and all options -html Create html help files -man Create a man page -verbose Be verbose. EXAMPLES tester -class regres -unclass kf+err+danger -queue t.mytests Execute all regression tests skipping known failures, errors and dangerous tests. Queue the tests up into a single job which executes as a single file. Take all tests from the test file specification, "t.mytests". ENVIRONMENT Unix. FILES Look in files.html for complete documentation of files. SEE ALSO Use tester -html to generate html files and links. It requires pod2html2 which is an extension of pod2html. hints.pod - usage hints language.pod - language definition options.pod - option documentation sample.pod - sample test specification tester.pod - overview and synopsis workflow.pod - work flow of tests t.form - working template for tests The tester.html file is the overview page and starting link. NOTES Test Driver in <> loop Loop for all files outter while loop Loop for all tokens getLine parses the token and returns inner while loop processes the token Execute on next test token if in the proper class Execute on end of tests if in the proper class Be polite -- ask first for -i option. Implement options as generated code (results, test run) Give options for a process or test to run as it is generated Allow errors to be reported but ignored unless critical Do not report any errors found on tests not generated All tokens are the first words on a line until "end" will end all commands. Any line that will conflict with a command should be proceeded with whitespace to eliminate it as a command. Ordering of tests by default is saved to a dbm database named "db.$FILENAME". It creates one if it is not there. Any system that does not support "flock" will just use the standard sequential ordering. The -without option the older, sequential ordering. This database grows sequentially using a "MAXVAL" array entry. Exit codes are: 0 - successful test run 1 - usage or help screen 2 - unable to fork for Queue execution, -q option 3 - error in child process to execute Queue file, -q option 4 - invalid option specified 5 - unable to open shell, -shell 6 - unable to open Queue file, -queue 7 - unable to open Process command, -process To DEBUG it supports beVerbose, showLines, showFlow (as options -verbose -lines -flow). WISHLIST extend shell to include perl scripts convert perl objects (state, test, tests, default) build a state machine model vs flagging code (state,task,next state) convert to generic meta data (if, cmd, with perl shell builders) selectively do (beforeall, before, run, prune, diff, after, afterall) add recovery on reboot of os add applescript in MacPerl add dos shell on NT BUGS none reported. AUTHOR David Scott <>