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The Chinese Art of Tui Na

All of these conditions may be improved with tui na.

I have practiced Tui Na as taught by Mike Patterson in his Hsing-I martial art studio since 1988. I have practiced the rolling school of Tui Na as taught by Bill Helm at the Taoist Santuary since 2001.

Tui Na is a practice of Chinese Medicine. As such a session often starts with the traditional tongue and pulse. The tongue is the only "organ" in the body that one can take out and view. It is a mirror of the condition inside the body. The pulse is taken at the wrist and provides a readout of the flow of blood and energy throughout the body. It reveals the health of organ systems of the body. We also look at the face, the eyes, and the body. The body gives clues as to its health and the oriental therapist learns to read those signs to address health issues before they become serious problems.

Tui Na is practiced in China as a healing art. It is great for increasing range of motion, helping physical injuries to heal, and to arrest the affect of joint pain or deterioration. It is often used to re-align the body when muscles are short, causing the body to raise or lower in areas. It is great to rehabilitate injuries such as the elbows or knees. Structural work takes place within the framework of the flow of energy through that area. Tui na activate the flow of energy in that area. Often pain persists when flow is impeded. After treating an area the flow is harmonized to help the effect of the treatment last longer.

Learn how to care for your joints yourself. Learn what brings nutrition to your joints. Part of treating these structural problems is the idea of giving the patient practical exercises to continue the improvment inbetween visits.

Tui Na is used to treat many other disorders such as digestive problems. Many of these protocols are easy to learn and can be applied at home to extend the treatment. Become part of the solution by simple treatments to improve digestion.

See the list of Tui Na protocols.